What North Ridge Homeowners Have to Say About Their New Homes

“We are sure that you will be treated just like I was, like a member of their family. You’ll love your new home! It has been nothing short of amazing to work with Sam and his team. North Ridge Construction is hands-down the best builder we have had the pleasure of working with; as this is the 4th house we have built. We interviewed at least 5 other builders to help us design and build our custom home and North Ridge was prompt, courteous, showed up completely prepared, and absolutely wowed us with their engineering and product selections that they consider standard that other builders wanted to charge us a lot more for. They spent a lot of time consulting us on many of the finer details that we had absolutely no clue about and it really made us realize how much they know about building a fantastic home.

I highly recommend buying a home from North Ridge Construction and taking advantage of their quality and commitment to their clientele. Building this house was seriously stress free. We have many pictures of the house as it was being built. Sam was always very organized, and the site superintendent as the boots-on-the-ground guy was wonderful. The crews were always courteous and what was supposed to be one of the biggest stressors in life turned out to be one of the most enjoyable. All of our thoughts and ideas were carefully considered and either implemented or explained to us why the idea wouldn’t work. And this was NOT an easy house to build, the property was completely undeveloped, and they had to start from scratch. I would only use North Ridge Construction!”

Eric Giesler

"Sam, the house just looks so beautiful. I can’t handle it.  Your team is beyond words.  I just don’t know what to do to thank you all."

Laura Murphy

“Working with Sam and Alyssa - North Ridge LLC - on building our house was an incredibly positive experience. You can tell from the very beginning how Sam and Alyssa care about the house they are building and also about us. They keep you informed on every single detail and progress about the house without hesitation and work with you on any detail or idea and make it happen for you. They always attended our questions and concerns, without exception. They were always very receptive to our ideas and suggestions and found very good solutions for all our desired changes/updates. Working with our site superintendent was also fantastic, as he took care of an infinite number of details indoor and outdoor.

The entire team makes the process of building a house a very exciting and pleasant period. The quality of the house is nothing but excellent. We are truly grateful to North Ridge LLC and their team for really making the house we wanted to live in. We encourage you with no hesitation to work with Sam and Alyssa on your new house. Fully recommended.”

Joaquin & Diana Goni

“When we decided to move from Chicago to Carmel we purchased a teardown and needed to find the right builder, especially given the long-distance nature of the build. We researched various local builders and of all those interviewed, North Ridge was the most responsive and straightforward. Sam Milligan, the owner, set our expectations correctly. Even now, nearly two years after completion, we are extremely happy with our decision. Post-construction customer service has been exceptional! Thanks, Sam and Alyssa!”

Shirley Lady

“North Ridge Construction built us a wonderful house. Sam made sure I had everything I wanted, and the details are top quality.”

Chris Conner

" We just can’t thank you all enough for helping us to build our dream house and forever home!  We so appreciate everything that went into making this day possible for us - Everyone has been working so hard to get us in here and it means the world to us. 

We couldn’t have picked a better group to work with! Thank you for making our dream come true."

- The Runyon Family

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